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Mixing & Mastering

Steve Dang  has mixed in some of the finest facilities in the world including studios in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Beijing, China.   His goal is to push the limits of creativity, fully emphasize the emotion of the music and deliver a sound that identifies with artist and audience.


On the hardware side, Steve is a huge fan of the Universal Audio Apollo.  Computer of choice is Mac and preamps include Avalon 737 and Neve 1073.  Monitoring systems include Adam a7x's and Dynaudio BM5 mk3's.  Microphone of choice is Neumann TLM 103 and reference headphones are Audio Technica m50x's. 

Plugins of choice were carefully selected from UAD, Slate Digital, Oxford, Izotope and Waves.


Rates are competitive, subject to project complexity and dependent entirely on the needs of the artist.

Please use the contact page form for mixing and mastering inquiries.  


All tracks on the homepage playlist were songs written, recorded and mixed by Steve Dang.  Please reference the playlist for mix samples.

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